Collaborate, create and take customers on a journey to experience brands they love in a personal way

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Create campaigns to boost your business and visibility on social media



For brands who want to connect with their customers online. Blue Bear allows you to manage and track how well your products and services are reaching your customers online by collaborating with social media influencers.

For influencers and bloggers who want to build strong relationships with businesses and their audience on social media. By sharing and creating unique ideas for each business and be rewarded to talk about what you love!



  1. The needs of our clients by listening to them
  2. The need to build sustainable effective partnerships between people and organisations
  3. How to assess and analyse the effectiveness of campaigns through deep and dynamic data analysis


  1. To the needs of the evolving marketplace by growing valuable partnerships and networks between influencers and brands
  2. To the diverse social marketing needs of our clients by providing tools and strategies that work best
  3. By collaborating with our clients to continuously iterate to maximize growth potential


  1. Credible data and insights generated from online marketing campaigns
  2. Strategic, relevant and customized information and resources that improve the capacity of our clients to build effective influencer marketing campaigns
  3. Best practices in the emerging global field of influencer marketing



• Are you well connected on the social media or blogging scene?

• Are you a passionate thought leader/ authentic content creator with a unique perspective on a product, service or industry?

• Are you a creative entrepreneur who wants to do things differently yet be recognized for your skills


• Are you an established business or start up who has amazing products and services to offer?

• Do you want to grow your online brand presence on social media by targeting customers and understanding what they have to say about your products and services?

• Do you value data that can enable you to gain insights created through influential marketing and allow you to measure the return on your investment?

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